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Lunes 23 de marzo de 2020

#QuédateEnCasa | Brian May está dando microconciertos que puedes disfrutar en pleno aislamiento social

Otro artista que busca hacerte más llevadera la cuarentena.

Brian May es uno de los tantos legendarios músicos que mantiene constante el contacto con sus fanáticos a través de redes sociales. Y gracias a esto el guitarrista de Queen no se ha quedado atrás y se ha sumado a la lista de artistas que han buscado hacer más llevadero el aislamiento social a sus fans en plena pandemia de coronavirus.

A través de sus  redes sociales, May ha estado publicando microconciertos que sus seguidores pueden disfrutar cuando quieran. En los breves videos, May aparece tocando clásicos de Queen como "Bohemian Rhapsody" o comentándole a sus fanáticos cómo logra que su guitarra suene bien y cómo pueden realizar un buen solo.

"Esta es mi contribución al bien común esta noche. Un estallido crudo de alegría: una sala de Rock", manifestó el músico en uno de sus videos. Y es que no solo se limita a tocar música, también tiene tiempo para dedicar algunas palabras a quienes lo siguen.

Revisa algunos de sus microconciertos acá:

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In my living room at home - where else ?! I seem to have most all my usual channels to entertain you ... so maybe here on IG is the place to perform micro concerts across the ether. Is that a good plan ? This is my contribution to the Common Good tonight. A raw cheer-up outburst. Living Room Rock ! IG-ROCK ! Is this the future ? To all you folks out there feeling as disorientated as I do - let’s isolate together !!! And keep rockin’ together !! OK ? With love. Yours truly - your friendly neighbourhood chap who clearly imagines he’s in Hawaii !!! Apologies for the annoying opening ‘So’ - yes, I know. But my this was a big ‘SO !’ - so maybe I can be forgiven. It will be the last one - I promise. Thanks to LYNN from Hawaii for the colourful attire. Bri

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Well, have to admit I wasn’t in the mood for analysis tonight. Just wanted to connect. And I have to acknowledge I was helped in this broadcast by a couple of Grey Goose and Tonics - courtesy of my lady wife. Of course I did get lucky in securing the services of the Best Barmaid In the World !! Maybe I will persuade her to photo-bomb me in a future MicroConcierto ! Happy Saturday folks ... IS it Saturday ?!! Who knows ? All the days are starting to feel the same now. It’s a bit like being ON TOUR !!! 😂😂😂 Take care out there. And I MEAN TAKE CARE. Remember the statistics - every physical interaction you DON’T have improves your chances of survival to see us play some day !!! Oops - did I say that ?!! ISOLATE YOURSELVES - NOW ! make it hard for the bastard coronavirus to find you !!! And even harder for it to get to your family. #dontstopusnow #microconcert Bri .

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I was talking at the beginning, but I think you can have too much talking !! Hope you’re OK out there and working on the acceptance and courage thing - the Serenity Prayer (previous post) which I find to be so powerful. Some of you asked for this tune - Last Horizon - and this time - for the first time - up very close and with no backing ... hope it tickles your fancy. OK !! Ready for another week’s bad news ?!! 😝 let’s just accept for now. I still feel anger at the timid and slow way the pandemic has been handled - but anger gets me nowhere. We just have to smile and live another day to the full. We can’t be just postponing living till the CoronaVirus has gone. Postponing the OLD way of living - YES !! Love to you all. 💥💥💥💥 Just want to say thank you all for your amazing response to my micro-concerting activities. I never expected such a great connection. It’s inspiring to me. Your comments are shaping me - making me understand better what I have to offer. And it makes me feel useful !!! 😌 Bri

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